The Jime biography

- as told around the campfire on a dark and windy night...

The birth of The Jime...

Vince Gordon (Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Slapbass etc.) decides to form a rockabilly band in a math class in High School. After 10 minutes consideration he chooses to name the band 'The Jime', because almost all other rockabilly bands are called something with 'Cats' in the name. Vince Gordon got an uncontrollable urge to play rockabilly after hearing The Stray Cats. He also got an uncontrollable urge to leave High School (!) which he did with the highest possible grade in chemistry/physics.


The Jime logo

The name "The Jime"...

Vince just made up the name and couldn't find it in the dictionary so he didn't think it meant anything. As it later turned out it means "Strangulation" (!) in Judo and "Jazz Improvisation Made Easy". It's also a Japanese way of killing a fish with a speer through it's brain!...makes extra fine Sushi !!!


The band The Jime...

While Vince's original idea was to make a 'real' band with everyone contributing and participating on a somewhat equal basis it never turned out that way. For the simple reason that Vince's does almost all the work and plays the majority of the instruments (incl. backing) on the records, The Jime might just as well be called The Vince Gordon Trio. Apart from Jan Frifelt who have worked with Vince since 1986, all other musicians have only been loosely connected to The Jime.


The first The Jime gig

The first The Jime gig...

The Jime turn up at their first ever gig in 1984 with a bunch of friends and something of an attitude.

The gig is a moderate success though, but The Jime encounters a few problems.

Vince loses his voice singing "Twist and shout" in the middle of the first set and has to fill the gap till his voice comes back with a "pointless" number of guitar solos as the unknowing bass player and drummer look stunned, thinking Vince is on some kinda "ego-trip".

Vince later found out that John Lennon of the Beatles insisted on singing "Twist and shout" as the final song at their concerts because he - lost his voice - singing it.


Recording a video...

In 1989 The Jime records a video for the song 'Perfect World' by Vince (never released).

As a part of the plot in the music video, Vince was driving a white Ford Lincoln Mk IV 1959 Convertible with Jan and Torben sitting next to Vince in the front seat. The final shot was of The Jime driving away from the camera at a pier in Aarhus harbour. Because you were only supposed to see The Jime driving away and not see them stop, the director had picked a short pier that ended abruptly. However things didn't go quite as planned as the gas pedal got stuck as Vince took off. Torben and Jan thought that Vince was pulling their leg or playing 'chicken' with them but as a matter of fact he was desperately trying to stop 350 HP from taking the car into the harbour.

As there was no clutch (Aut. transmission) Vince was virtually standing on the brake pedal and finally killed the engine about 3 feet from the water! Torben and Jan were laughing and didn't quite understand that their life had been in danger, but Vince was mad and walked back to the owner and told him very frankly what had happened. The owner said: 'Shit. There's always something wrong. Yesterday it was the roof!'.

While the video was never released as it was intended, some the footage has been re-used in the video for "Take This Heart". There you see Vince driving the Ford in question.