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Rockabilly jam tracks - CD II (& CD 1)
Jam With The Jime vol.II (CD) - Listen & Buy NOW!


What it is & what it's not:

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Jam With The Jime vol.2 CD cover
The cover of "Jam With The Jime vol.II"

By Vince Gordon (the producer):

"wow! It's just like playing live with a fifties rockabilly band..."

What it is:

If you play rockabilly in a band or just by yourself this CD is for you. It has backing tracks with almost a full band just needing some lead and more simple stripped down tracks like old school rockabilly with just acoustic rhythm guitar and upright slap bass.

This is an audio CD with rockabilly jam tracks to play or sing along to.

It's called 'Jam With The Jime vol.II' because it's with The Jime's rhythm section like it appears on our records.

The instruments used are: Slap Bass (Upright bass), Drums, Acoustic Guitar and sometimes electric rhythm guitar (Vintage Gretsch 6120 and a new Gretsch)


Although these rockabilly jam tracks will fit the teaching in the 'How To Play Rockabilly Guitar - and get good, fast!' and 'Intermediate Rockabilly Guitar Lessons' like a glove, they will be useful for any musician on any instrument, guitar, piano, sax or harmonica - you name it. Track number 9 and 10 called TravisBacking are backing tracks made to practice the so-called Travis picking to, as laid out in my book 'Intermediate Rockabilly Guitar Lessons' chapter 8.

...It's like being on stage with a real live fifties rockabilly band - it's FUN!


What it's not:

These are not midi songs like it’s often seen on jam tracks CDs and no synthesized sounds have been used, only real instruments.

It's not just one recording that has been mechanically pitched into different tempos. All different tempos are different recordings.

There's no lead guitar on the jam tracks or any other lead instruments - That's your job! :-)

There are no vocals on the jam tracks - so sing if you want to!


Read my info on each and every track and hear the MP3 samples:

(1) "Rockabilly Backing Track in A Minor" is typical rockabilly, typical The Jime-style. The first version (w/2xE-rhythm guitar) has everything you'd expect for a "Pulp Fiction"-kinda sound track. Complete with echoed e-guitar rhythm and twangy effect chords. Perfect for adding your own lead on guitar, sax, piano, singing or everything put together.

(2) The same thing but without the "floating" guitar chords.

(3) Again, same track but only acoustic rhythm guitar, slap bass and drums.

(4) Countrybilly in E. Typical 50s rockabilly with a Scotty Moore styled backing (In the style of the intro of "Don't Be Cruel"). The chord pattern fits "Blue Moon Of Kentuckey" and many other country flavored rockabilly songs.

(5) The same thing but with a Luther Perkins style "boom-chicka-boom" rhythm guitar.

(6) Again, same track but only acoustic rhythm guitar, slap bass and drums.

(7) "OldSchoolRockabilly" styled after Elvis, Scotty and Bills version of That's All Right Mama. Fits many rockabilly and country songs.

(8) The same thing but with a discrete set of drums added.

(9) TravisBacking. Like the name says it's a backing track made to practice the so-called Travis picking to, as laid out in my book Intermediate Rockabilly Guitar Lessons chapter 8.

(10) I've added some discrete drums, which makes it a little easier to play along to, if you're used to play in a band.

(11) CarlBilly in A. This is a basic 12 bar start and stop blues format in A, but in the same slightly anarchistic way guys like the Perkins Brothers Band (think Carl Perkins) would play it. It's very "loose" (and fun) like some of the fifties bands played it.

(12) CarlBilly in G. This is a basic 12 bar start and stop blues format in G. Same style as the previous.

(13) Rockabilly Hand Clap. Make your own instrumental!



If you're looking for rockabilly jam tracks in other tempos, keys and chord patterns you should sign up for the newsletter.

Check out the first CD "Jam With The Jime" and maybe get both (with a discount). Check out the webshop.


Listen to the jam tracks samples :
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Just click on "Play Sample", and the music will start playing!
These random samples are kept very short - about 20 seconds - to prevent piracy. They are also not offered for downloading, only streaming.
To make streaming possible these jam tracks samples are in mono (The real CD is of course in Stereo) and in lower quality than the originals which are, of course, CD quality (16 bit, 44,1 khz).

Track nr jam tracks Sample Time (mm:ss)
1. Rockabilly Backing Track In A Minor (2xEguitar) Play Sample 2:15
2. Rockabilly Backing Track In A Minor (1xEguitar)   2:15
3. Rockabilly Backing Track In A Minor   2:15
4. Countrybilly (1xEguitar) Play Sample 2:15
5. Countrybilly (LP-style) Play Sample 2:15
6. Countrybilly Play Sample 2:15
7. OldSchoolRockabilly Play Sample 2:33
8. OldSchoolRockabilly (w/Drums) Play Sample 2:34
9. TravisBacking   2:49
10. TravisBacking (w/Drums) Play Sample 2:49
11. CarlBilly in G Play Sample 3:01
12. CarlBilly in A Play Sample 2:58
13. Hand Clap Rockabilly in E Play Sample 2:29


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Customer reviews of the jam tracks CD
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"I just bought the Jam CD #2 from Vince Gordon a week ago and it's the best Rockabilly back tracks that I own (along with the Jam CD #1). A very helpful cd to practice/play Rockabilly music on guitar. Very authentic Rockabilly music back tracks to jam with ... the right tone & feel. Excellent written description of each track to help you jam with the tracks. Highly recommended!"

Rey Alva, California, USA

"I thought I wanted to be a blues player until I got my hands on vol.1 and vol. 2 of The Jime’s Rock-A-Billy backing tracks.
Could not have more fun on my guitar. Even better than the tracks was the customer service I received fro these guys.
Thanks Vince!"

Allan McKelvy, Springfield, Missouri USA



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Facts about the jam tracks CD
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Title: "Jam With The Jime vol. 2 "
Format: CD Audio (CD-DA). Plays in any CD player. RED BOOK standard.
Packaging I've chosen to go with a slimline case in soft clear plastic for three reasons: 1. The case won't break in the mail like standard jewelcases often do. 2. The shipping is cheaper for you because this case weighs less. 3. Because It is soft and bends it will protect the CD better if you chose to take it with you to your rehearsal room for instance.
Tracks: 13
Price: USD 17.95 or £ 9.95 or Euro 13.25 (+shipping)

Through the mail. You are asked to provide a delivery address during check-out with PayPal or in the webshop.

Producer: Vince Gordon.
Record company : Rockabilly Music.

Payment options:

Q: Do I need to sign up for a PayPal account to buy?
No, not if you have a credit card. You still go through their secure server though. It's like buying from any other online store, but without signing up for a PayPal account.

Q: What credit cards can I use with PayPal?
You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with PayPal.

Q: Is PayPal for USA only?
No, it's almost worldwide.

Q: What is PayPal?
PayPal, owned by eBay, is a global online payment system. PayPal is a convenient, easy-to-use, and secure way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money online for goods, services, charitable donations, and so forth.

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How to order the jam tracks CD
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Go the the new webshop to buy!

Get an immediate download link in your mail automatically.

Get combined offers for CDs and books in the "Bargains"-section.

The CD is $ 17.95 or £ 9.95 or € 13.25 + shipping.

You're free to choose any currency you want, no matter what country you live in. Pick the option which is cheapest or easiest for you.

You pay through the secure server of PayPal by clicking the one of links underneath.

(It's not necessary to sign up for a PayPal account. You can just use your credit card, for instance - see payment options).

Once you've paid, I'll ship the CD within 24 hours to the shipping-address you gave to PayPal (Providing it's within the workdays of course).

If you also buy the eBook I personally will mail you the ebook and the free mp3 within 24 hours to the email-address you gave to PayPal. (Typically within a couple of hours).

NOTICE for Netscape users: Often Netscape has problems with PayPal buttons. To fix this click: Tools -> Options -> Site Controls and choose 'do not use netscape trust ratings' and from the submenu 'always use this setting as default' choose 'I'm Not Sure'. You can also use a different browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari etc.

If you have ANY questions or experience ANY problems please email me directly at vince_gordon@the-jime.dk and I'll get back to you a.s.a.p.

To buy the CD "Jam With The Jime vol.2 " at $ 17.95 + shipping, please click THIS button:

Delivery is through the regular mail.

To buy the CD "Jam With The Jime vol.2" at £ 9.95 + shipping please click THIS button:

Delivery is through the regular mail.

To buy the CD "Jam With The Jime vol.2" at € 13.25 + shipping please click THIS button:

Delivery is through the regular mail.

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